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Assessments & Audits

By conducting a deep dive into your existing business practices, workflows and communication systems, we are able to provide strategic recommendations to drive efficiency and scale.

We have worked with teams large and small across multiple verticals to understand their business and implement optimizations that lead to lasting change. Our greatest challenges and most rewarding moments have come from this type of engagement.

System Implementation

Selecting, installing or migrating adservers. CRM customization. Billing system integration. Operations workflow upgrades. We have seen and done it all when it comes to digital media systems. Many vendors claim to be able to solve every publisher problem, but require extensive customization in order to truly be useful. Further, long term success of any workflow tool requires buy-in and commitment from all stakeholders.

We take a holistic view of your business needs, existing systems and needs and provide guidance and assist with implementation.

Ad Stack Design

The framework and composition of a publisher's ad stack is one of the most critical factors of long term success. It affects everything from user experience to overall financial performance. If the architecture isn't designed to be flexible, testing new vendors and technologies, implementing sponsorships and custom programs and optimizing yield becomes unnecessarily difficult.

We work with our clients to ensure adserver taxonomy, ad unit and line item naming conventions, 3rd party tag names and many other important details are set up properly from day one.