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Direct Sales

Anyone who has worked for a digital media company knows how difficult it can be to make sense of the data generated by the myriad systems being used every day. For publishers selling campaigns direct to advertisers and agencies, the challenges are almost too numerous to count. From discrepancies between systems to monitoring pacing to optimizing for performance and viewability, there are a seemingly endless number of KPIs to consider and actions to be taken.


For publishers of all sizes with sophisticated programmatic configurations, one of the biggest challenges is aggregating data from each of their programmatic partners. On one end of the spectrum, many publishers create their own spreadsheets to address this. On the other, companies engage high-end, expensive BI tools that are complicated to create and difficult to maintain. We’ve developed a solution that has all the flexibility of Excel and the worry-free experience of using a high-end SaaS solution. Most importantly, each dashboard is bespoke because we understand that one-size-fits-all absolutely does not work in our industry.

Executive Overviews & Custom Dashboards

Most media companies focused on monetizing a digital audience have developed a broad mix of products that deliver across a wide number of platforms. From branded content to affiliate marketing to private exchanges and programmatic guaranteed, these are all tools in the modern day salespersons arsenal. There is typically also a programmatic business, which may exist as a separate line of business. Either way, combining data which represents various revenue streams is critical for quality decision making at the executive level. Our executive overview dashboards represent a holistic view of the business, in as close to real-time as we can get.