In 2009, Bart Boughton realized that existing outsourced ad operations companies were not nimble enough to address the increasingly complex needs of digital publishers, nor did they provide any level of personalized service.

The result was 360ops.


We’ve seen a lot over the decade we’ve been in business. The challenges facing digital publishers today are too numerous to list. Small and niche publishers must address the barrage of new technologies and vendors, from header bidding to AMP to "native" to outstream and on and on. Large publishers both contend with and rely on social platforms for audience and monetization, navigating an ever-changing set of business rules. Users are consuming more and more content via mobile devices, spending less time on content sites and a seismic shift in the television landscape is underway.

360ops was created to serve as an advocate for publishers large and small, offering strategic consulting and tactical operational capabilities bespoke to the needs of their business. Publishers that anticipate the future and position themselves accordingly stand to benefit most from the inevitable changes to come.

Client First

Always put our client's interest ahead of our own.


Take extreme ownership of everything in our world, especially in stressful moments. Learn from mistakes and never make the same one twice.

Add Value

Add value for our clients, either by increasing yield or reducing costs. We must do this in order to remain in business.

Be Proactive

Anticipate the publisher’s needs and address them before they ask. They should never wonder what we are working on.

Take the Extra Step

Be obsessively thorough in every project and deliverable, going above and beyond the obvious.


Bart Boughton

Having spent over 13 years in digital media, Bart brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every 360ops client. Bart has worked with and for publishers large and small across multiple verticals. He has overseen adserver installations for nearly every available platform, implemented workflow tools, CRM systems and countless ad networks and exchanges and upgraded processes and best practices in order to accelerate growth. Bart has relationships with many leading companies in the media landscape and helps publishers connect with those that make sense for their business. At 360ops, Bart is responsible for leading every customer engagement and customizing services and solutions to address their specific needs.

Mr. Boughton has a B.A. from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. A native of Austin, Texas, he currently resides in New York City.

Evan Levey

A successful entrepreneur with a proven track record, Evan has invested in and run companies covering a wide spectrum of industries including education, custom kitchen cabinetry and design, real estate and digital advertising. Evan’s area of expertise is within backend operations and he ensures that 360ops clients receive a seamless experience. Specializing in information systems and logistics, Evan maximizes productivity and efficiency by utilizing cutting edge technology and sophisticated workflow management. 

Evan has a B.A. from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL and serves on the Browning Alumni Board.  He and his wife Marissa are enjoying being new parents to their daughter Blake Ella.


Eric Barber
VP, Ad Operations

Eric has spent over 20 years in ad operations in various capacities, from contributor to team lead across numerous companies in the buying, selling, technology, and programmatic spaces. He brings a wealth of industry experience as well as a particularly heavy focus on data analysis and operations process. Eric lives in New Jersey. 

Monica Oreiro
Director, Ad Operations

Native New Yorker Monica began her career as a Graphic Designer, using her educational background in Fine Art. In 2005 she transitioned into Ad Operations when she accepted a position at the Miami Herald. Since that time she's been a reliable operator for some of the largest online content publishers and honed her skills using many adserving and digital media platforms. Monica oversees all day-to-day operations for 360ops, delivering consistent service and ensuring every publisher's needs are met. Monica lives in Connecticut with her daughter Stella.

Terrance Roys

Terrance brings decades of accounting experience to 360ops and is responsible for all things finance and corporate operations. He resides just outside of New York City with his family.

Open Positions

We are always looking for talented people who love digital media, monetization and operations as much as we do. If you are interested in partnering with us or joining our team, please email

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